7 Ways To Make Your Home A Spiritual Haven

It is for a reason why people associate their homes to something that is sweet and beautiful. Be it a small condominium or large mansions, we all need a place to rest our heads and be ourselves. Thus, it is equally important for us to convert our humble abode into a spiritual haven not for attaining nirvana but to be at peace with others and with ourselves.

Here are seven ways that can help you convert your home into a spiritual haven.

  1. Cleanliness is right next to Godliness, and for this very reason, we need to keep our homes clean and tidy. This can be achieved by doing the usual such as sweeping, mopping, dusting, de-cluttering, and reorganizing.
  2. Clean using natural and healthy products. For instance, use baking soda or salt water and even rose water to clean. These mixtures act as strong cleansing agents and wards off negative energy.
  3. Bring nature home by growing some fresh plants in your garden or putting up some indoor plants. Plants offer many natural benefits such as purifying the air, offering medicinal value, and spreading positivity. Just water them every day and keep some handy tools such as dab pens and trimmers.
  4. Burn some nice smelling products such as incense or aromatic candles. In addition to releasing a wonderful smell, it stimulates our senses and cleanses the surroundings. It also refreshes the home naturally.
  5. Place or hang materials that attract positive energy into the house. For instance, possessing crystals are known to be naturally healing. While rose quartz attracts love, jade improves
  6. You could also put up some nice artwork or wall hangers that are appealing to your senses. You can even put photographs that mean a lot to you and can change your mood instantly by just throwing a glance at it.
  7. Create your mini library with a small collection of good books. Books not only impart knowledge but also change our viewpoints on life and help us to grow spiritually from the inside out.

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