The Best Exercises for Women to Lose Weight Fast at Home

Weight gain or Obesity is increasing nowadays due to the change in food habits and lifestyle. Especially women gain excess weight due to hormonal changes they experience after puberty, during pregnancy,post-pregnancy and she to other underlying medical problems. A classy outfit, lux time watch and a chic bag alone doesn’t make one gorgeous, physical fitness is something that enhances beauty and confidence. But most women didn’t get enough time amidst their busy schedule to go to the gym and workout. No problem! The Internet is flooded with easy yet effective weight loss exercises. Let us check out some here.

  • Start with walking. Wake up earlier in the morning and go for a short walk. Morning is full of fresh, pollution-free air which is really good for the lungs.
  • Doing Crunches are a great way to reduce belly fat. Make crunches a part of the daily exercise routine. It gradually burns the fat in the abdominal region and strengthens the muscles around.
  • Planks also do wonders to the abdomen. While yourself in the push-up position with forearms resting on the ground for 30 seconds. It strengthens the major muscles of the body and reduces the risk of back pain. It helps in toning the abdomen muscles.
  • Forward lunges burn the fat in the thigh. 5 or 6 rounds of lunges help in getting chic thighs.
  • Yoga is wonderful in treating weight gain. A wide variety of asanas like padmasana, utkatasana, bhujangasana helps in the gradual burning of trans fat. It activates the whole body and keeps the internal organs healthy. Yoga is indispensable for the body and the soul.
  • Cardio activities like rowing, walking, running, jogging increases blood circulation, strengthens heart muscles and keeps the body weight in control. Short squat sessions also help to burn bad fat.
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