Things to Do on a Rainy Day

Has it been raining continuously, thus spoiling all your outdoor plans? While rainy weather can play spoilsport with your plans and regular routine itself, it is once a year that we get to enjoy the rains. Here is what you can do when you are stuck indoors on a rainy day, do these and never be bored again:

  • DIY Projects – There are a number of DIY tutorials one can download and do. Add some creative factor to the rainy day, get your hands dirty and create something unique and new. Do something that involves a lot of colors, so that it can make an otherwise dull day, very bright.
  • Have you been seeing a number of pop-ups about DIY craft? Now is the time to try your hands at them. If they come out well, display it. If not, just trash it and start something new. The idea here is to not just kill time but also be productive in the same process.
  • Windows – Clean your windows. These are one part of the house that is always ignored. One will even dust the walls and scrub the floors once a month, but forget to clean the windows. When it is raining, the windows are well soaked and wet, thus making it easier to scrub off the dirt that has accumulated over the years.
  • Correspondence – Get those emails out and sort them. Throw away the ones that are not needed and attend to your bills and other things that require immediate attention. We are always in a hurry to step out of the house and miss out on these letters and emails. There cannot be a better time to handle all this than when you are stuck at home due to the rains.

A rainy day need not be depressing. Even if it had spoiled your plans, you can always do one of the above activities and spend the time judiciously.

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