Smart Strategies to Eliminate Dust In Your Home

Dust in the house is a nightmare for allergic people. Hence it becomes quite critical to keep the house neat and tidy. Even those who don’t have allergies should keep their house free of dust as it can cause irritation and may promote illness. Below mentioned are few strategies to keep the house free of dust.

Change the bed sheets every weak- Your cozy bed is a major distributor of dust and it can multiply quickly if you don’t keep it clean. The bedding collects dust, skin flakes and even sheds fibers which send out dust puff the moment you roll over. In order to minimize the dust settling in, you can change the pillow case covers and sheets regularly. The blankets need to be taken out and dusted well. And the blankets should be given for dry-cleaning once in a month.

Use right cleaning supplies- The feather dusters will only capture the dust and spreads it around. Disposable cloths or damp rags are best for cleaning the dust as it holds it and does not spread it. Or else you could use the duster with an electrostatic charge. Use the vacuum attachments for those surfaces which are tough to dust with a cloth.

Check the electronic items- The air condition and heating systems should be serviced regularly as it also collects dust from the room. You could check out Airconwa to get more details about shops offering the service or selling the new air-conditioning system.

Give the cushions and rugs beating- Carpets are a huge reservoir of dust as its fiber collects or absorbs dust like a giant sponge and sends it airborne whenever you take a step.  Vacuuming the rugs will help in keeping a control on dust that gets collected on them. Also, beat the cushions once a week to take off the dust from them.

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